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Foodie Tours but how things have changed !

A lot of water, and not a little wine, has gone into the stock pot which holds my thoughts, impressions and memories since I first became a ‘foodie’ or, at least, took an interest in what was going on on … Continue reading

Kent: Fruit, Hops, Beer & Wine

Kent – The Garden of England The county of Kent lies immediately south east of London and at its furthest south- easterly point is just 21 miles across the English Channel to neighbouring France. When the writer, Charles Dickens, spoke … Continue reading

A little Curious Cultural Heritage of Kent

Kent, in south east England, has one of the longest coastlines in the country, and being just 21 miles from France, in Dover, boasts a colourful maritime past.  As well as being the Garden of England, which has long marched … Continue reading

Smuggling in Kent and East Sussex – A Legacy of the Wicked Trade

A Smuggler’s Song If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse’s feet, Don’t go drawing back the blind, or looking in the street, Them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie. Watch the wall, my darling, while the … Continue reading

Food for Thought – Kent through World War Two

Spring of 2020 will be remembered, by many of us, as a time when the World slowed down, and everyday life, all the things we normally take for granted are suddenly viewed in a completely different way.  Among many other … Continue reading

Food for thought : Medieval England – Feast or Fast

When you suddenly find yourself with time to spend, away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, your thoughts will probably turn to those interests which are always there, but which often spend a lot of time on … Continue reading

The Great Storm of 1287

Watching #StormErik pounding my garden makes me think of stories of a February day in 1287 when The Great Storm hit the coastline from Kent to East Sussex with such force that whole areas of coastline were changed for ever.  … Continue reading

Memories of an English Summer

When I was a young girl, and yes, it was a good few years ago, I am convinced that the summers were longer and hotter and it snowed every winter (unlike Hollywood, not usually, and magically, on Christmas Eve).  However, … Continue reading

Hopping in Kent

Turkeys, heresy, hops and beer, came into England all in one year ! Time: 1500s      The Place: Kent  One of the most lovely things about living in rural Kent, amongst apple and cherry orchards and hop gardens is … Continue reading

007 – and a ‘Madcap Count’ – Canterbury’s hidden past.

007 –  and a ‘Madcap Count’ – Canterbury’s hidden past. Guiding visitors arriving in Canterbury, often involves a coach set-down at St George’s Bus Station and whilst we are waiting to tour the city or visit the Cathedral, we might … Continue reading