Coach Companies : Guided Tours in Kent

Coach Companies: A Taste of South-East England

Are Kent and Sussex already on your menu? – or perhaps you are looking for new ideas to tempt the tastebuds !

Perhaps you already have the counties of Kent, or East and West Sussex on your Holiday or Excursion Programmes.  If so, perhaps you are visiting us  for just a day or maybe you are based here in the South-East for a Short Break, Holiday or Mystery Tour ? Maybe you are local and just looking for something a bit different for your customers to enjoy !

The coastline, with all its delightful bays and resorts, the mysterious, atmospheric marshes, the little oyster or fishing towns, the adjoining rural villages, bustling towns and great Cathedral Cities make South-East England the perfect destination for your Coach Tour Programmes. Indeed a veritable banquet !

What could be on ‘The Menu’ ?

Oysters for Starters !

Windmills and Watermills, Castles and Stately Homes, Parks and Gardens, River Trips and Sea Safaris, Steam Trains and Light Railways, Cathedrals and Country Churches, Town Walks and Rural Rambles, Shopping, Anecdotes and Amazing Sightseeing ! – and that’s just for ‘Starters’

The Recipe:

Take a handful of Cream Teas,  a pinch of Fish and Chips,  a taster of Fresh Seafood,  and of course a large dollop of  Strawberries and Cream. Add Local wines and ciders and freshly brewed ale (and local teas!) . Place all the ingredients in the context of the amazing itineraries available on our menu.. Add your Coach and Driver and Passengers and mix well, but there is…….

Something missing ?

Added Spice by Creativity Travel

A guided tour :- The cherry on your sightseeing cake !

Creativity Travel can add a friendly and knowledgeable local guide into the mix, and turn your taster of South East England into a feast !

Guides can meet you at your hotel, or point of arrival in South-East England.  Itineraries can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements. Our aim is to create something special and different for your passengers, leaving them filled with happy memories,whilst leaving them hungry for a little more on another occasion!

Special itineraries include:

  • ‘Smugglers&Spectres’

Join us as we meander through the villages which skirt Romney Marsh – Hear tales of the dastardly deeds of the ‘Roaring Ransleys’ or ‘The Aldington Blues’. Ramble through country lanes (and churchyards if you dare) and enjoy a guided walk in Rye, perhaps enjoy an ale in The Mermaid Inn, Headquarters of the notorious Hawkhurst Gang. As dusk falls, we visit ‘The Most Haunted Village in Britain’  then stop for supper in an Inn (but be careful to check the hand which serves you !)

Mermaid Inn Rye

  • ‘Darling Buds of May’

At its best in blossom time, which, with climate change, is probably April, but we doubt that title would catch on ! Your guide will take you through the country lanes and charming rural villages of Kent, where, in some places, you will feel as if time has stood still. Weather and season permitting there will be tender shoots of hop harvests to come, and lace-like blossoms. You will see where scenes of Yorkshire Television’s series was filmed, and many tales of ‘Hopping down in Kent’  – Visits to a hop farm, museums of rural life or country gardens can be included, depending on your budget, but certainly we will take time to enjoy, perhaps, a ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ or a Kentish Cream tea in delightful rural surroundings.

  • ‘The Nostalgia of Dover’

The French coast is just 21 miles away

An extraordinary mix of some of our best preserved heritage and some almost forgotten, faded, yet still precious gems. Depending on your schedule, we take time to visit the museum, perhaps see the unique ‘Bronze Age Boat’, enjoy a guided tour of the Maison Dieu – Dover’s Town Hall (complete with evidence of WW2  shelling when Dover was known as Hellfire corner) – The occupied coast of France was just 21 miles away. Enjoy a cup of tea and cake, or perhaps a wartime lunch (we’ll go easy on the powdered egg and mock goose)

Knights Templars Church Dover

Perhaps we will go back to the 13th century and see the remains of the ‘Templars’ Church’, or sit and enjoy amazing views over the harbour, and hear a little of its history since Roman times.

Perhaps we will enjoy our lunch or afternoon tea in a unique watermill in a beautiful rural village.  The choices are endless. The choice is yours alone.

Other titles include:

  • The Cinque Ports East
  • The Cinque Ports West
  • The Secrets of Romney Marsh
  • The Churches of Romney Marsh
  • A Pilgrim’s Canterbury (which includes a personally guided tour of Canterbury Cathedral)
  • Nursery Rhymes, Myths and Legends
  • Romans in Kent and Sussex
  • Tudors in Kent and Sussex
  • Literary Connections
  • Stately South-East
  • The Bays of Kent
  • Cakes and Ale

and so many more.

As coach operators, you already know about some of the wonderful castles we have in our region, such as Leeds Castle, Hever Castle, Walmer Castle, Arundel Castle.

You know we have stately homes and important houses  like Penshurst Place, Chartwell, Charleston Farmhouse, Great Dixter.

You know we have Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and fabulous gardens like Sissinghurst.

You know we have Steam Railways, Light Railways, unusual, eery venues like Dungeness, quaint, old-fashioned, yet trendy towns like Whitstable and we have zoo parks and bird parks, and boat trips of all kinds.

You may already be a regular customer to Kent or Sussex  BUT what Creativity Travel would like to do, is to pull it all together for you for future and different tours,  and help you plan a trip which ‘takes the stress out of planning’ is ‘easy on your driver’ and gives an extra bit of spice to your valued customers.

Of course, we can help with all programmes and itineraries, and advise on meal stops, attractions and all aspects of routes, but, don’t forget we can go that bit further, and offer a quiz, a treasure hunt, games on board, and whatever it is that helps your customers return to you again and again.

Please do call on us for anything you already have planned, for a short guided tour, or any forward planning for future tours, excursions or holidays.

Contact Yvonne Leach- for expert tourist guides and guided tours in Kent and Sussex


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