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With 13 years under her belt working in Further and Higher Education, Yvonne has taken students from the South East to discover Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool (the North West) diagonally and culturally opposite.  Cities of music, sport and amazing dockland and industrial heritage.   Working with enterprising, entertaining and informative local guides who brought everything to life – huge success guaranteed  Then, welcoming students of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality from the North West into Canterbury, we were able to work some opposing magic !   Not just Castles and Cathedrals, so much more bubbling away under the surface !

These are just examples, Yvonne and her colleagues will put together tours and itineraries linked to curricula and assignments and work with tutors to ensure that students have the opportunity of exploring, absorbing, and enjoying their ‘ Residential or Field Trips ‘ as well as ticking the boxes necessary to achieve the Learning Outcomes / Meet the Aims and Objectives as set in the assignments /modules.

From Cumbria to Northumbria, From Scotland to Cornwall, From Bristol to York and from Kent to Liverpool, Creativity Travel will work with a network of professional tourist guides, and Yvonne will liaise with the Programme Directors, Course Tutors involved to help achieve exactly the right mix to make the activity ‘fit the bill’

We appreciate budgets and constraints, and hope that we can provide added value within budget.  Please contact Yvonne to discuss ideas

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