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Ever wondered why we enjoy something called a ham sandwich?  Maybe you did know that… but did you know that for a quirk in history your BLT could have quite a different name? We hope that you will visit Kent, and we can tell you all about ham sandwiches and all sorts of other foodie trivia!  Creativity Travel is based in Kent, known as ‘The Garden of England’   a land of orchards, fruit trees, market gardens,  farms, strawberry,and other soft fruit, growers and a long and happy tradition of food production as well as home to Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest Master Brewer (since 1698)  Thank you Queen Elizabeth the First – So glad, you developed a fondness for fruit Ma’am, and gave a home to our Flemish neighbours here in Kent. In early Summer we still enjoy our wonderful Kentish cherries, and at times you could almost be ‘ Down on the Farm’ with Ma and Pa Larkin..

H.E Bates wrote his ‘Darling Buds of May’ here in Kent

Amongst many authors, H.E Bates lived down in Kent and wrote his wonderful tales : Darling Buds of May (just celebrated its 20th anniversary of the Yorkshire TV production) – We have happy memories of the filming here,  with David Jason, Pam Ferris, and the lovely Catherine Zeta Jones who first hit the headlines down here in Kent as the beautiful daughter in the Larkin family enjoying a rural life in the fifties down amongst the orchards and hopfields of Kent.

Back to the coastline, and whilst Kent is known as ‘ The Garden of England, Dover, just 21 miles away from the rest of Continental Europe is known as the ‘Lock and Key to the Kingdom’ or ‘ The Gateway to England’  The entire coastline of Kent and Sussex could justifiably be described as ‘The Invasion Coast’   Dover has been guarding the United Kingdom since time immemorial.  The town’s museum features a wonderful Bronze Age Boat, perhaps the oldest known sea-going vessel, well over 3000 years old. The harbour and nearby coastline witnessed the arrival of the Romans, and the Roman Lighthouse or Pharos can still be visited today.  All along the coast, we see evidence of ‘ The Cinque Ports ‘ those intrepid but tiny 7  towns which guarded England before the arrival of Henry the Eighth’s Navy Royal in the 16th century. Near Hastings, we can visit Battle Abbey and remember that famous date : 1066 – The Battle of Hastings, and the start of the amazing Norman influence on, not just Kent and Sussex, but the Kingdom as a whole. In terms of guarding these shores, we can trace our history from the Iron Age through to the Napoleonic era, World War Two and beyond. ‘The Forces’ Sweetheart’, Dame Vera Lynn, captures the feeling for our iconic white cliffs in her song : ‘There’ll be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover’  Today, however, Dover  gives a great welcome and will lay on a ‘wartime tea’ and tour for those interested in remembering those far-off days.

To be beside the seaside:  Many many happy times beside the sea. In Kent and Sussex, where you can hear the call of the seagulls, and enjoy tales of the Birth of the English Seaside Resort, in Brighton, the wonderful invention of the Bathing Machine (Margate)  and bang up to date, the wonderful Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, just visited by Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh.

Here in Kent and Sussex, we can recall Royalty (from William 1 to Charles 1 to Henry 11 and Henry V111 and so many more)  – and see where Edward V11 enjoyed his relaxation too !   Authors from Charles Dickens, to E Nesbit, to H G Wells to Ian Fleming , again and many more and so many interesting little snippets !

We follow actors and celebrities, from Ellen Terry, to Henry Irvine to Noel Coward to Roger Moore and oh dear lots of modern ones, sworn to secrecy unless on one of the tours

There are many many reasons why you might be visiting Kent and Sussex. Could be part of a ‘Round Britain Tour’, or an Excursion or a Day Trip or a Breakaway or a Coach Tour or a Conference or Event or a Study Trip or a Language Trip – as individuals or small groups or large groups.  However if you are coming to Kent and Sussex, we are here to help you make the most of your experience, discovering hidden gems, and hearing those little extra snippets provided by one of our local Blue-Badge Guides.

What and Where on earth is the Fredville Oak ?

So please do call on us to help you plan your visit, and guide you, not just to the biggest or best-known visitor attractions, but to some of the wonderful ‘off-the beaten-track’ locations which we cannot wait to share with you !





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